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Privacy and GDPR Compliance


  • To the extent that the use of the site involves personal data of job-applicants which is subject to GDPR, the following will apply:

                  • Any personal information collected through the site will be shared with employers solely to enable them to offer employment opportunities to the subjects of said information.

                  • Any employer, by signing up to the site, warrants and represents that: (1) They fully comply with GDPR and any other applicable data protection laws concerning personal data and; (2) Without derogating from the above they process such personal data fairly and lawfully and only for the purposes for which it was collected (“the Intended Purposes”) and; (3) They store personal data only for the periods necessary for the processing of such data for the Intended Purposes; and (4) They have in place the mechanisms necessary for the immediate erasure of any personal data which is no longer necessary or upon the request of the data subject; and (5) They provide a level of security appropriate to the risk involved in the processing of said data and; (6) They have in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect such data against unauthorized use or accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access.

                  • Employers shall refrain from disclosing or transferring personal data collected through the site to any third party unless authorized to do so by the data subject and in compliance with all applicable data protection laws.



Users undertake to indemnify and hold harmless IE (and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents) from and against any third-party claims, actions or demands (including, without limitation, costs, damages, and reasonable legal and accounting fees) in connection with the use of the site and any material posted on it.

Opening a personal account, posting  and uploading information

                  • Users who sign up to the site will be required to create a personal account and provide certain personal (such as professional training and experience, employment history and preferences) and contact (such as email address and a mobile phone number) information.
                  • Users are not the proprietors of their personal accounts.
                  • Users are obligated to provide correct and up to date information. Users may revise, correct or update, from time to time, any information uploaded to their account, as long as any such updated information is correct.
                  • Users are strictly prohibited from accessing the accounts of other users, revising any information uploaded to an account other than their own, providing personal information belonging to another person, or impersonating anyone other than themselves.
                  • In uploading any material or information to the site, users must stick to the formats required by IE. Users will not include in the information or attachments they post on the site any of the following: (1) Any form of advertisement; (2) False or misleading information; (3) Any material protected under copyright; (4) Any term which may be construed as demeaning, discriminatory, sexually explicit, obscene, threatening, racist, derogatory, abusive, hateful or offensive to another person or entity; (5) Confidential information; (6) Anything the posting of which may infringe upon the intellectual property of another person or entity; (7) Any irrelevant (exposed or embedded) keywords.
                  • The site is not a social media platform. Therefore, users may not respond to information uploaded by other users (except for job applicants who respond to job offers posted by employers, according to the site rules).
                  • Users will be issued a personal password. The password is intended for personal use only and may not be shared with other users or divulged in any other way. Users are required to maintain appropriate and regularly updated data protection tools on their private computers or network. All users are responsible for all uses of their account, whether or not authorized by them. Any user who suspects that unauthorized or inappropriate use of their account had taken place should notify IE immediately.
                  • Any breach of the above rules may result in the immediate cancellation of the user’s account without prior notice.