With 15 years of experience in recruiting young international talented individuals in various frameworks, Israel Experience has decided to put to use its expertise in the Israeli workforce to create Jobolix, a placement service for new immigrants.

During these past 15 years, we have developed solid and trusted partnerships with businesses and institutions of all sizes, hat are now ready to integrate our contractors and applicants.Since 2019 Jobolix has been putting its knowledge in placement in Israel to the benefit of new immigrants who wish to have a career in High Tech.

Our team is made up of recruitment specialists who have expertise in the job markets of the candidate’s country of origin, as well as in the Israeli market in order to best satisfy both parties.


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” 

Steve Jobs



One of the unique traits of Jobolix is ​​the passion of each of our employees for our profession. We are convinced that the best way to integrate into a new country is through professional success, and we are aware of our responsibility in this regard.


Transparency in each of our discussions is one of the inherent values ​​of Jobolix. During the whole recruitment process and integration of the new employee, we assure perfect communication at each stage of the professional integration.


Our proximity to our applicants and our teams of consultants allows us to maintain a relationship of trust, which is, for us, the foundation of a successful partnership. We take on the challenge of being constantly available to answer to the different needs and questions that could arise.

Working Conditions 

Jobolix guarantees to place you in a company or institution in which well-being at work is a priority. According to our company policy, we work only with companies that we know will meet our working conditions standards.



Erez Cohen

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Iona Choloniewski Bober
Executive Manager 

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Gregory Umansky
Placement Manager 

Manuel Fhal

Manuel Fhal
Placement Specialist 



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Placement Agency and SS2II specialized in High Tech in Israel.